a taste of india


Indulge in our delicious taste of the subcontinent with a changing taste of India dished up every Thursday from 4pm

Growing up in the UK, Indian Curry is practically in my blood. There’s a Curry House on almost every street corner (usually next to or opposite a pub) and I have heard some babies are bottle fed on Madras Sauce in the colder months to help stave off both hunger and the Winter chills…

Our curries are onion based, rather than tomato, which is the real clincher when it comes down to that British Indian taste - mountains of Spanish onions are slow cooked for hours to create our famous sauces, which are then lovingly finished with various grades of chilli, spices, yoghurt, cream, butter & nuts, to give us each unique tasting curry sauce.

We choose to slow cook only the choicest cuts of chuck steak and free range chicken thigh fillets in our meat curries, and there are always vegetarian & vegan options available

With the exception of the naan bread & samosas, the rest of the entire curry menu is gluten free, including the onion bahjis & the poppadoms.

Our single takeaway packs are just $15 a head and include your choice of chicken or beef in your choice of either a mild or spicier curry sauce, vegetable dahl, pilau rice, poppadoms, mango chutney and riata, and you can enjoy a cheeky glass of wine or beer by the fire while you wait for your order. It’d be rude not to really…

Or choose to dine in and enjoy a fantastic curry pack in house for only $25

Home made onion bahjis, samosas and garlic naan bread are also available, as is a full range of our delicious desserts to finish off your night.

New to our Thursday Night Curry Club are our ‘Meal Deal’ specials…

Takeaway Meal Deal for 2: A serve of our famous curry to share, double rice, double dhal, a small naan bread, two samosas, two onion bahjis, poppadoms, mango chutney & riata - all for only $40!

Got a few more to feed? - A Takeaway Meal Deal pack for 4 (two lots of the above) is only $75 - less than $20 a head for a great feed is great value in our books!

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Give us a call on 03 5903 5450 to book your table or order your curry for quick collection…